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Monthly tips to help you care  and maintain your landscape.
Dedicated to Help Keep Our Friends & Clients Informed.

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January Tip Sheet

dot-red.gif (834 bytes) January Planting
dot-grn.gif (834 bytes) Prepare for Spring Planting
dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Plant Annual Garden
dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Sprinkler system protection

February Tip Sheet

dot-grn.gif (834 bytes) Time for Pruning
dot-grn.gif (834 bytes) Winter Maintenance
dot-red.gif (834 bytes) Landscape Beauty
dot-red.gif (834 bytes) Plant Vegetables
dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Prepare the roses

dot-pur.gif (834 bytes) Post winter Planting
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Weed Control

dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Happy Valentines Day

March Tip Sheet

dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Why we must keep our lawns!
dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Time to fertilize trees
dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Spray, Mulch, Plant
dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Spring Tune up Special
dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Time to aerate &  top dress!
dot-pur.gif (834 bytes) Roses
dot-pur.gif (834 bytes) Landscape Ideas
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Container Growing
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Lawn Rejuvenation
dot-red.gif (834 bytes) Spray for pests - Ants! 

April Tip Sheet

dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Wild Canaries
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Roses
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Beds, gardens & blooming plants
dot-red.gif (834 bytes) Benefits of Grass
dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) CALADIUMS
dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Fertilizing is the key
dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Peak of Planting
dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Irrigation Check-Start  now 
dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Easy Inside Plant Tips
dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Have a safe and Happy Easter  


May Tip Sheet

dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Hot  weather planting
dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Watch out  for FUNGUS
dot-red.gif (834 bytes) Control Pests
dot-pur.gif (834 bytes) Hot weather planting
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Benefits of Grass
dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Safe drinking water
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Happy Mother's Day

June Tip Sheet

dot-grn.gif (834 bytes) Tomatoes
dot-grn.gif (834 bytes) Rains bring Ants
dot-red.gif (834 bytes) Poinciana - Pride of Barbados
dot-pur.gif (834 bytes) Summer Landscapes
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Mulch to protect your investments
dot-pur.gif (834 bytes) 1st day of  summer and beyond
dot-pur.gif (834 bytes) Relax this summer
dot-pur.gif (834 bytes) Upkeep of your irrigation system 
dot-red.gif (834 bytes) Pre-Summer Tips
dot-red.gif (834 bytes) Hot Weather Guide
dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Ferns
dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Summer Landscapes
dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Trimming  &  cutting back
dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Enjoy the summer
dot-grn.gif (834 bytes) Happy Father's Day

July Tip Sheet

dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Prune  those roses
dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) The heat of the summer
dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Irrigation system check
dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Watch out  for beetles 
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Bees and Wasps
dot-pur.gif (834 bytes) And the heat goes on
dot-grn.gif (834 bytes) Halloween planting
     and Rose pruning
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Check Sprinklers
dot-red.gif (834 bytes) Happy Independence Day

August Tip Sheet

dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Landscape Importance
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Planting Fall Bulbs
dot-red.gif (834 bytes) How to Train a  Vine
dot-red.gif (834 bytes) Fall Maintenance Tips
dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Bees And Wasps by
     Calvin Finch, Ph.D.
dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Time to plant fall vegetables
dot-pur.gif (834 bytes) How to Train a Vine
dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Mulch is important
dot-pur.gif (834 bytes) End of summer Checklist
dot-grn.gif (834 bytes) Caring for Spring Shrubs Now
dot-grn.gif (834 bytes) Back to School
dot-grn.gif (834 bytes) Recycling Grass
dot-grn.gif (834 bytes) Fire Ant Mounds
     during Rainy Season
dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Safe Drinking Water

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September Tip Sheet

dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Happy Labor Day
dot-red.gif (834 bytes) Firebush

dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Thin fall vegetables to
     recommended stands

dot-grn.gif (834 bytes) Container Grown Trees &      Shrubs
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Plant Wild Flower Seeds Early
dot-pur.gif (834 bytes) Pre fall preparation
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Plant Wild Flower Seeds Early
dot-pur.gif (834 bytes) MS Walk- Get  involved  

October Tip Sheet

dot-red.gif (834 bytes) Winter Planting
dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Remove dead/damaged tree  limbs
dot-grn.gif (834 bytes) Winterizing Trees & Shrubs
dot-grn.gif (834 bytes) Fall leaves composted
dot-grn.gif (834 bytes) Mulch Sensitive Perennials
dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Safe Drinking Water

dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Fall Tulip Tips!
dot-pur.gif (834 bytes) Conserving  Water
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Have a Safe, Happy Halloween 

November Tip Sheet

dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Pecan storage
dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Flowering Shrubs
dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Rose  re-shaping
dot-pur.gif (834 bytes) Winterizing Trees and Shrubs
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Winterizing Your Yard
dot-pur.gif (834 bytes) Pre winter planning
dot-pur.gif (834 bytes) Your Sprinkler system: 
    Why get rain and freeze sensors
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Tips to Reduce You  Water Bill
dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Safe Drinking Water

dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Thanksgiving Wishes!  

December Tip Sheet

dot-red.gif (834 bytes) Caring for Houseplants
dot-red.gif (834 bytes) Dealing With Mistletoe
dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Winter Pruning and Planting
dot-blu.gif (834 bytes) Prune Mistletoe
dot-grn.gif (834 bytes) Poinsettias

dot-mag.gif (834 bytes) Flowers for the winter
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Winter Annuals
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Pointsettias
dot-org.gif (834 bytes) Christmas closing
dot-grn.gif (834 bytes) Have a Safe, Holy and a Very 

 Merry Christmas! 

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